Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seasons of Preparation

As Christians always seem to be preparing for some event.  We just finished Advent and Christmas and and here comes Lent (unless you aren't in a Christian tradition which adheres to the church calendar and if you are in church choirs you know what preparation is even without the traditional liturgies.)
How do you prepare for Joy, i.e. Easter?

I have a book for you not about Lent so don't wonder about the connection.  It was written by a former colleague of mine at MPOW.  When the Pastor is Your Husband: The Joy and Pain of Ministry Wives.  In the Protestant traditions, we all experience the pastor's wife.  We may not understand her unique position just as we may not understand and appreciate wives of men in the armed forces, police or fire.  Although this book is designed for the pastor's wife, anyone interested in her role will find it useful. 

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