Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Seasons End

In T.S. Eliot's poem , The Journey of the Magi he notes that the coming of Christ marked the end of an era in the world.  While this end is not at that level, I am formally closing the ISCTL blog for good. I will be retiring from MPOW this month. The link to the poem read by the poet is here.

I plan to start a new blog soon related to other issues, but have to do some thinking about it.  . As soon as I do I will announce it and try for a larger audience.
 If you are surprised at another post from me, I am aware that the ISTCL has been slowly fading, partly deliberately and partly because I wanted to explore other social media.

  I tried to keep to the original spirit of blogging:  short notes with links and published as often as the writer wished.  It was distressing to see the format evolve to lengthier, more formal writing.  While I enjoyed reading them, I neither had the inclination nor the time to compose such posts.  That will be changing.

The world of blogging has opened up indirect acquaintances with dozens of others who write about books, writing, crafts, culture, history, politics and much more.  For that I thank you each and every one.  This has been a good journey. The road is continuing.

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