Monday, November 05, 2012

Advice Please

I have recently begun to assist at my church's library once a month and I'm enjoying the change of pace from academic books.  As probably with most church libraries,  the vast majority of literature wanted is  Christian light fiction but not the Walker Percy kind. 

So how does an academic library fit here?
We own several biblioaphies, among them GenreFlecting from Libraries Unlimited which has a good section on Christian Fiction which I plan to share with those in charge.  However, it is not exhaustive by any means.  For instance, the Guidepost mystery series is a group found in some public libraries but really collected in church libraries.  Now I became addicted if that's the word for it to this series as a Christmas read while waiting on others to wake up.  I'm also wondering if current Christian fiction for Young Adults has any place in this particular library and if it would be read.  That's not something specifically addressed in this bibliography I don't know if teens really think of this library as a resource for them.
  Also, the bibliography is dated  (2006) and doesn't cover audio or ebooks in Christian Fiction.  I plan to see if there is a need for these and help pursue ways to access them as they might draw in more users. I may only be at the library once a month, but I'm already seeing connections to our academic holdings which I may be able to use for readers here as well as there.

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