Friday, April 13, 2012



It's almost the middle of the month with Tax Day looming.  I've been trying to think of a post with enough meat in it of interest to my dedicated 5 followers. 

I was surprised that I didn't find much on biblical teaching about taxes.  Just a chapter, "Owning Up to Our Greatest Obligations: Death and Taxes," in StewardShip Services, by David Musser. (Abingdon Press, 2007).  This chapter is an application of Matthew 22:15-22 in which the Pharisees try to trap Jesus.  A seen which is very political and very adroitly handled.  However, I've been looking for more substance related to personal finance, especially as to obligations such as this and I guess I will have to keep searching.

Although this month contains National Library Week which we Acl-ers use to pray for our organization, its officers and members, April is full of other self-proclaimed topics such as Jazz.  In fact so many organizations have laid claim to the month, it's hard to decide which to emphasize.  Hence, my fear of this Friday is that I won't get much more done. (I settled on National Humor month especially in poetry books for one display.) At least my taxes are paid.

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