Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Color this red

Too many meetings, mostly unproductive, a rather stressful schedule and family issues are the excuses this time.  I did start the year thinking I would reform my 10 o' clock scholar habits. Not even the season of Lent has motivated me. I had hoped acquiring an Ipad2 might improve things, alas no. I needed something to really "prime the pump."
I've started helping out with the new books blog at MPOW.  Although I had offered to help when it was started,  The blog was relegated to student workers because we didn't have time to adequately link to the new books we acquired.  Othere people have said they would like to help, but they need training (!) even though they regularly publish blogs. One would think that a "new books blog" which didn't have any new book posts since October would be a little embarrassing.  But then I'm also a little embarrassed too
 One of our new books is the Lives of David Brainerd by John Griggs looks interesting and is going on my TBR pile for biographies  as I remember trying to tackle another biography on him too many years ago and giving up because it was not well written.

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