Monday, October 24, 2011

A dialog

"Are you a librarian?" the Freshman asks as we are waiting for class to start, and I'm setting up the computer.

for class activities.

"Yes, I am.". My voice is a little sing song as I'm not sure what will come next.

"What do librarians do?"

" wel--l--l we do budgets, set schedules teach classes buy books another items and other things."

Clearly outside her knowledge zone, for she continued
"Are all librarians cranky?"

"What?" I jerked my attention away from opening our classroom network program and quickly reviewed what I had been saying and doing. I certainly had not been conveying a cranky attitude toward her even if she was puerile.

"The librarians at my high school were cranky. Well they weren't thee librarians just the helpers but the librarian was cranky too everyone said so even the teachers." - This is spoken rapidly.

Then unannounced: "I hate reading". (Hint for some of the crankiness?)

"You've come to the wrong place," I laughed, as I thought of all the reading she would need to do in college in order to graduate.

"Oh I will read my assignments, but  I don't like to read." She protested.

She is staring at the  overhead screen and I realized I havent muted my work and do so. The class starts, and it  soon becomes clear by her inattention and impulsive behavior why she might think others are cranky.

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