Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A month is too long between posts. 
Yes, I've seen posts about how to attract more people, write better posts, yadda, yadda, yadda.

My excuses
too many meetings
not my computer or time. 
interests not directly related to the purpose of this blog. 
I am writing elsewhere on my Facebook and other blogs and wikis.
a lack of motivation on my part, although I have had better e-mail feedback this year. 
A reluctance to just stop. 

I will be thinking about repurposing this blog without losing the Christian theme. 
So if you don't hear any more for several months, I will probably be back.
If you have any suggestions for topics, please let me know, or better yet offer to post a few yourself.

1 comment:

penguinn said...

yeah, this sounds a little bit like me. I haven't posted on my original blog (warriorlibrarian) in a long time, virtually abonding it. But I changed jobs, which changed my focus, time and interests. Now my job duties have changed once again and I've tho't about reviving regular posts to again. We'll see.