Thursday, March 11, 2010

Faith and...# 5
Economic issues relate to faith discussions almost as much as doubt.  These books rante from personal finance to larger social issues.

Alford, Helen J. & Naughton, Michael.  Managing as if faith mattered.

Childs, James M.  Greed: Economics and ethics in conflict

Griffiths, Brian. The Creation of Wealth: A Christian's Case for Capitalism

Hudnut-Beumler, James.  Generous Saints: Congregations rethinking ethics and money

Malone Jr. , Walter From Holy Power to Holy Profits: The Black Church and Community Economic Empowerment
Stapleford, John E.  Bulls, Bears & Golden Calves: Applying Christian ethics in Economics

Shook, Jill Suzanne, ed.  Making Housing Happen: Faith-based Affordable Housing Models

Sider, Ronald J.  Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America 2nd ed.

Tanner, Kathryn. The Economy of Grace

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