Sunday, March 14, 2010

DST, Sunday Reference desk

I'm taking a break today and just chronicling life at the reference desk for four hours.
1. Locate resources for a nursing student about effects of healthcare on elderly. Too vague, but will try for clarification.

Review a paper I've been struggling to complete. Worst case of writer's block ever...

Sorry to bother you.  You're not bothering me.  Can you help me find information about Corinthian columns?
Actually wants all three styles of Greek columns.  Grove Dictionary of Art and other architecture encyclopedias. 
Note to self  Practice a little more with the Online Dictionary of Art

Do you have to be a member or something to check out books here?  How old are you?  16...Check at the Circulation Desk

Screams  and laughter coming from the Instruction Lab where a group has been using it for a project...

I don't know how if this is a question or not but I'm looking for a book my teacher said you had here. It's about graduate schools in psychology.  Is it on reserve?  No, I already asked there.  A little exploration and discussion unearthed the volume in the BF section of Reference and not in the LB's where the other graduate school information resides.
Note to self--order a current copy of the book

IM message - How do I locate Points of View?

quick walk around the building checking for anyone who wants help.

One of the community regulars drops by with 2 dollars for candy--totally his own idea, not mine.  We chat  for about 30 seconds and he then heads to the fireplace in the cafe to warm up.

5:20 - the study group leaves - thumbs up

Located some possible sources for a faculty member -- part of a recurring search. Thanks bloggers!

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