Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Of Creches and cradles

Tis the season for manger scenes, nativity sets or creches.  This came to mind from the article in Get Religion on the White House Creche. The picture which accompanied the article shows a magnificent creche.
The University of Dayton has a page which sets the historic background of nativity scenes from around the world. Here are some photographs of creches from Guideposts  We have a manger here but it's a little more humble, somewhat similar to this.  Lots of nativity scenes are  enactments which are similar to the indoors Christmas pageants. While Christmas Story is celebrated every year as a classic, don't forget another classic, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with the Herdman kids which as made into a movie about the same time as the other film 

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Amy R. said...

Ah, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"... one of my favorites!