Monday, October 05, 2009

Days and Displays

October is  Information Literacy Awareness Month.  I don't mind month long celebrations such as this or Hispanic Heritage Month, but I have a hard time with creating displays for a single day such as Constitution Day or even for a week such as Banned Books.  Even Christmas--especially Christmas--presents problems for academic libraries because our cycle for semesters coincides or sometimes precedes a good time to display Christmas-themed items. The amount of work is about the same but I'm always left with the dilemma as to when to put up or take down these short lived displays.  But a month gives me time to put up and keep on display a collection without being too concerned about the changing season.

Displays seem be a problem for others, too as LM_Net, the school library discussion list has posts as to how to handle students wanting a book on a special display.  I say let them have it, although I read others who suggested having alternative books to place on the display or provide for iinterested students. (Our student workers used to try to guess the type of display I was working on by the books I had them pull.)
My month is about up and perhaps Information Literacy will be next.

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