Friday, January 09, 2009


Each year January is a season for making changes. This year I was looking at things I didn't want to change and how those choices would impact my life. Here are a few...
Giving. Just because the economy is bad doesn't mean I should stop giving. Perhaps now is the time to invest more time than dollars.
Reading & Buying Books. Although I'm dealing with shelving shortage at my house, I have not abandoned either of these. I love D.E.A.R days. and I love browsing bookstores and reading blogs.
I will be posting about a couple of new reference materials in the near future.
Eating chocolate. - No explanation necessary. I'm trying to be more selective about when and what kind.
Writing frequency on blogs. I like irregular posting and short postings even if the consequence is fewer readers.

I could go on. Maybe this should be a meme. What items are you NOT changing this year?

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