Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A little more background on Advent Calendars
Christianity Today has made a calendar "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord," with the first two days on it. There is a link to another interesting site the history of advent calendars :

"The first advent calendars appeared in 19th-Century Germany, when various methods of counting the days between the start of Advent and Christmas Day were used. Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, or simply on 1 December, the Protestant Christians would keep track of the days by making marks on their doors with a piece of chalk, which would then be rubbed off one by one as Christmas approached. Other practices then developed, including burning a candle or putting up a small religious picture to mark each day."

day two of the CT calendar deals with fulfilled prophecy. Fulfilled prophecy isn't a tingle up one's leg but more of a chill down a spine because so few actually witness fulfilled prophecy or even recognize it. Most other celebrations at this season aren't about God's Grace coming to fruition but about appeasement of apparently indifferent or hostile elements. I was thinking this morning about Love --as found is Isaiah or Corinthians--being the currency of heaven and nothing else counts fiscally, but I'm not a theologian and I won't argue any other opinions.
Enjoy this meditative calendar from CT.

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