Friday, November 14, 2008

To my two followers or Confession time

I've gone a little overboard in doing crafts for Christmas--well embroidering pillows. Now my skills are not needlework guild level, but I enjoy a challenge, even at the expense of reading more or writing--At least that's my excuse as I do one more fern stitched leaf. I'm not going to show off my handiwork because it's not finished until it's washed and I still have 2-3 sets of pillowcases to move to that stage.
I have a book of needlepoint stitches that I will never ever part with, and even though I can trade popular fiction and other genres with panache, not my sewing books. I am listening to books as I sew as a true multitasker should.

Because I learned these crafts before I was a teen, I've always liked fiber arts and particularly enjoyed the relationship between the tapestries and Christianity. The latest FiberArts journal (Nov/Dec 2008) features the spiritual nature of fiber arts from a variety of religious viewpoints. The one I'm looking at is on pp. 62-63 under travel and tradition. Sadly, little is written about the spiritual nature of fiber arts in Christianity except as a part of a cultural aspect. This book is definitely on my TBR list since, MPOW has nothing on this topic unless one goes to books on Christian symbols and art in general.
Perhaps with a sagging economy another season for repurposing cloth and thread needs to be celebrated.

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