Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another News Aggregator

Since Religion and politics do mix, albeit somewhat like oil and water, I came across this Get Religion.org blog which focuses more in depth coverage of religious events. According to their "about us" statement they "want to highlight the good as well as raise some questions about coverage that we believe has some holes in it.
Most of all, we want to try to create a clearning house of information and opinion on this topic. This is what blogs do best." Just reading their rationale is interesting. Who would have thought that missing news is like "holy ghosts" except a journalist?
Recent topics include such titles as "Missing Missions," Put a cork in it" Sports Scribes hurdle religion, and "This sentence no verb."

Whatever your preference--all politics to no politics, this blog will both inform and entertain.
By the way, I'm using Google Alerts to help mine for new information and found this blog through that service.

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