Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day(s) after Conference

Since my institution nor my personal budget doesn't extend this year to covering a second national library conference, the ACL conference was the full conference I attended this year. However, I'm open to looking at other more local learning experiences as I agree with others that librarians need to explore other conferences and learning opportunities--maybe as salt and light for our profession?

I was surprised to find a travel tip for the Chautauqua Society in my local newspaper and as a result I am seriously considering a one-two day trip there. There is also a religious component to the Institution and looks intriguing. I grew up in a town with a Chautauqua park and at the time just took it for granted, although the annual symposiums were no longer held there. I'll certainly keep you posted if I attend.

Otherwise, I'm going through post-conference withdrawal. The excitement is over; the presentations done; the keynotes and business concluded; friendships have been renewed or made. I am back to the relative isolation of a small academic library in summer mode--until next year, everyone!

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YoungGeekyLibrarian said...

Its rough coming home from conference is it not? I was able to amuse myself this weekend with finally getting around to creating myself a "library themed screenname" so I could start a personal library related blog, but even the excitement of getting that set up doesn't really carry over into the return to work (and the really really REALLY quiet library that is our library during the summer.) - Alison