Monday, March 03, 2008

Count the Days

A week ago I sat down with a teacher who had suddenly requested a library session for her classes. "I counted the number of classes in the semester," she said, "And I found I had an 30 instead of 29. And I want to add a library session."

I wish I were as good at counting the days and sessions. I completely missed writing about the Leap Day and I've even almost missed writing about the Lenten season. (I might still miss.) Apparently, this Easter is one of the earliest in the calendar. If you go to my archive for October 26, 2006, I blogged about multifaith calendars. Are there "catch-up" days in other calendars? Yes. Maybe if you missed celebrating that extra day last week, you can find another somewhere. The one online source which focuses on religious holidays and calendars is a book by that name now in its third edition (2004).

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