Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today is the Tomorrow

Ok, I've been so busy imitating the Red Queen in Alice, that I haven't finished a single blog anywhere. I'm still preparing for my presentation at ACL on Games and Information Literacy, not the title but the gist of the presentation. And I've been reading new blogs and nings as part of that presentation. I also went and bought a Nintendo DS and a few games. So that's my mea culpa for now.
Lots of prayers are going up for Union University right now. Let's not forget the tomorrows with rebuilding that must be done and continue to hold them up in prayer.

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Hazel said...

Sorry to say that I hadn't realised the damage done to Union -- isolationist Brit that I am. I will now add this issue to my prayer list -- and for you that you'll leave the Nintendo alone until you've done the presentation.