Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Season of Waiting

We are on Winter Break and I had planned to use this time to update my skills in several software packages in our Library Instruction Lab. However, other priorities--oh replacing faulty wiring--in the building have put those plans on hold. I had also planned to lead a workshop on developing better powerpoints but that too is on hold. Instead I downloaded some software to my office computer, located and printed more information about my presentations, and prepared for very hands-on class in business next week.

Waiting is not my strong suit, especially when in your heart of hearts you believe that some of the waiting was unnecessary. When jobs are set up so that one person can make or break the momentum to complete a project--and I speak both in generalities and specificities here without naming names--with impunity, workplace performance for everyone suffers.
The timing for working on the wiring was good, and I don't mind waiting for that. Missing opportune moments because of bad workflow is quite another.

So I end with two questions for you: what does "in a timely manner" mean to you, and where in your job should you be acting as a conduit but you really are a dam?
In the meantime, I've determined to learn the blocked step so that I can do it and teach someone else to also do it and make everyone look good

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