Friday, January 11, 2008

Haven't We Been Here Before?

January is the month for looking forward and backward; hence the name. If you haven't looked at Youth Specialties Newsletter lately, now is the time to go back and take another look at the resources and issues linked here because your Freshmen were once these students. One new addition is videos.

Looking forward, I'm working on a presentation for ACL about using games to teach information literacy standards in higher education. I can't say playing games seems like working.
I spent part of my vacation playing Guitar Hero and Games on Nintendo DS. We also tried playing a trivia game on books but none of us had read any of them. It was a good excuse anyway. I finished an InfoChallenge game which is online at the Center for Teaching Learning and Technology. It's found under the General section at the very end. Yes, I know it's not flashy. I would appreciate any comments and I would be interested in any questions about religious research that you might like substituted for one of the more inane questions here.

Lots to look forward to; lots to review. Be seeing you.

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