Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just Ask

I usually don't discuss things going on at MPOW, but thought this very general anecdote might fuel discussion.
We started planning a informational session for our full-time and adjunct faculty and had problems agreeing on which time and day this would work best at this time of year. Finally, one of us--who shall remain nameless--said "Let's ask the faculty." Our survey time took a little longer than we planned because any survey at MPOW must go through the research administration to avoid too many surveys at one time. But this week we started receiving requests and had several surprises.

First, the number of responses that faculty would find time to come was overwhelmingly positive. We thought most would be too busy to want to come.
Second none of the faculty chose the date and time we librarians assumed they would find acceptable.
Now since we asked and they graciously told us, we need to follow through with the results.
We also can determine how to assist any who said no, not now to the survey's questions.

When we ask the user why are we surprised as people seem to be by this video and the ensuing comments. The problem is always in trying to respond to those wishes with appropriate services.

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