Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Meme

I have an unofficial policy never to get caught up in meme craze or feel worthless because I'm not a mover and shaker (I shimmy too much!) or have a blog that matters except to me. Maybe this meme fad goes back to those old chain letter days which have somehow morphed into even more odious e-mail chains. However, I like this meme and I am going to copy Free Range Librarian blog in that if you are reading my blog, consider yourself memed.

Here are five non library blogs I read and often look at first when a new post appears.

Rebecca's Pocket - One of the earliest blogs started and still pulling up information I would never otherwise see. A blog about local and State government. With so much focus on the National agendas, one forgets that much of our government resides elsewhere.
Church Marketing Sucks. I'm trying to break my niece of the S word because with overuse it loses impact. Here the word is perfect as it picks apart bad publicity tactics.
TEDBlog - Great presentations and ideas which cover creative solutions to a variety of world issues. The only problem is that I don't often have the 20 minutes to watch.
Daily Walks: Diane Varner I don't usually read the text because the pictures are wonderful and inspiring.

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