Friday, March 09, 2007

Dear Grateful Student

Recently the ACL listserv had a short discussion on the differences between library teachers and other faculty on campus. Besides the more obvious differences such as prescriptive (them) vs. descriptive (us), formal (them) vs. informal (us), regular assessments (them) vs. scattered assessments (us), we sometimes receive notes like the following (The syntax and grammatical errors are the students, typos are mine.):

Dear [Reference Librarian]

H!. I just wanted ot let you know that I very much appreciated your help on Tuesday. I would not have been able to find the correct information, or least found the correct information in time without your assistance. The information you gave me was great, and I was able to find more after you pointed me in the right direction. And I wanted to let you know that I received an A on the paper. So thank you again for your assistance, and next time, I'll start the research a little earlier than on the day that it's due.:)

Signed [Grateful Student]

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