Friday, February 16, 2007

A Small Mea Culpa

I think long ago I had already found the quote Walt Crawford was so kind to send the source to because after I read the comment, I knew I had it--somewhere. I just don't know where, yet. So thanks. I should have kept looking before posting.

Questions of Faith, is the title of an article by Barbara Brown Taylor in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Taylor explains why she finds teaching religion at a college campus a more satisfying experience than working at a church. (Requires password) I particularly like this paragraph.

Before we ever read a page of our texts, we agree on some basic rules: All
voices are welcome at the table. Everyone will be heard. If you do not agree
with what you hear, you can still listen carefully before you respond. Civility
toward others does not imply acceptance of their ideas. Relationships are at
least as important as ideas. No one will be damned, at least in this class. The
only dumb question is the one you do not ask.

Would that others would hear and learn as well.
The ACL discussion list has been--quite civilly-- going over Read a Burned Book issue and whether or not this implies accepting ideas not in line with Christian views. And I would say, just because you read it doesn't mean you have to believe it. On the other hand, just because someone says I must read something doesn't mean I am committed to doing that either. I can be as ignorant or as knowledgeable as I please! So there...

(I have enjoyed reading the postings because of the variety of responses. And I have come away with more ideas to think about.)

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