Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Season for Apologetics

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Did this controversy about the tomb of Jesus ever land correctly. Does anyone else think the timing is just a little too umm timely? My colleague at The Recliner Commentaries has made some great remarks in this regards as did Fidei Difensor.

Anyway, I couldn't resist using this time to point to sites and books you can use for a timely booklist, display, or webpage regarding this and other controversies. (It was either that or deal with anatomy.)

I checked the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, edited by Norman Geisler. I looked up Resurrection and found "Resurrection, Alternate Theories of," "Resurrection of Christ," "Resurrection Claims in non-Christian religions," "Resurrection, Evidence for," "Resurrection, Physical Nature of," as well as an article on "Christ, Death of." These are great articles for quick background and include references to scholarly works in other books and journals.

There are so many good apologetic works at libraries and on the market, I am hesitant to recommend where to start and everyone is welcome to add ones they have liked,
but here goes: Norman Geisler When skeptics ask which I have not read but now have on my list. For those who remember the earlier works, Josh McDowell's material is reprinted in the Best of Josh McDowell and of course, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

If you want to locate a wealth of websites, go to the Conservative Reference Desk and check out the links.

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