Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Harvest of Links

Center for Bioethics and Dignity "Losing and Using our Children"
"From requests for childfree restaurants to a preference for childfree
worship, it seems that American society has a strange relationship toward the young. Innovative human relations experts recommend bowls of candy, Nerf basketball, and company birthday parties so that employees can recreate with other adults during the ever-expanding workday. Thus enjoying their productivity, adults may avoid contact with the next generation, while perpetuating their own youth."via New Morning Daybook]

Could seem ironic in the face of statements like "Let the little children come unto me (matthew 19:14)." and the myriad of books, such as Together all God's People, written about the value of children in the church (or even in libraries).

Get Human - A social network link to help avoid those pesky telephone trees. Makes one wonder if we would have a similar backlash for library policies. hmmm -- or maybe we already do

You may have heard the story, but have you seen the movie? Have a hankie ready.

And it's probably not too late to bring this site up.

Finally, the Henry Institute from Calvin College has a good set of links to religious sites for you to add to your own webpages. I was familiar with the American Religion Data Archive, but not with some of the other Religion and Society links such as this from Indiana University.

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