Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13

I remembered the student who peeked in my office from the previous day when we had successfully--I thought-- navigated through a variety of resources for her project. "My teacher said I had to have 12." "Oh let's try one more place anyway." I responded, punching in terms with the fierce determination of one who smells victory coming. "Let's really wow him."
Well, she was grateful and yet here she was again.
"Is everything ok?"I asked--mentally crossing my fingers.
"No, it's not!" She wailed--although very quietly for it was a library. "My daughter never cleans and yesterday while I was gone, she threw away all the papers we had found!"
If this were a cartoon, an giant anvil would have dropped at that point flattening both of us.
But this was a library and we spent a few minutes recreating as much of the search as possible. "I only need 12 items," she kept saying. "I can't believe it. My daughter never cleans! And I had 40 items." (I am rapidly reassessing her age upwards.)
That night it started to snow.
This was only Thursday, the 12th. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Addon -- Did I mention the spider that crawled somewho into the air vent on the back of the monitor this morning? Things can only improve.

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