Friday, September 29, 2006

Come to the Fair/Festival
Here's an online book fair, Love of Reading, found via a discussion list for School Librarians and School Media Specialists. I joined it to lurk because I wanted to find a little more about children's literature and schools. I have and many items, like tale bearing issues, which remind me why I prefer academic libraries.
When I mentioned this to one of my colleagues here she told me of a book, Prayers for School Teachers.
It's on my must purchase list which always evaporates when every my bibliomania kicks in.
Oh! and don't forget- The National Book Festival is this weekend. This site also includes podcasts and web video from previous Festivals.As usual, my schedule precludes attending, but I can watch some of it and hear interviews.
If the previous link may not work if you are looking at this after the fact.

Gotta go before I reach for my credit card.

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