Thursday, September 21, 2006

Archives and Autumn

Here it is Mid September and for once my tickler file is keeping me on task. If it only would help me find where I put my voter registration card-- or my keys-- or my reading glasses. But I had a survey out.
According to a list of fun facts, Autumn begins tomorrow. It's also Elephant Appreciation Day, although what the two have in common, one can only surmise.

If you haven't tried a TLT online seminar, check out registering and signing up for email alerts. They are starting a FridayLive! workshop each Friday. In addition, if your schedule is booked for those times, these sessions are archived. July 13 has a webinar about Spirituality in Higher Education with some links to related resources. As soon as I have some breathing room in this month or maybe in Autumn, I plan to explore a little further. You can look ahead at other topics in the series. Yes, these aren't really about libraries, but since when do librarians limit themselves to solely their professional activities. Isn't being a librarian actually an excuse to be curious about other areas--even if they don't help pay the bills?

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