Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No title suffices
My calendar overfloweth. How's that for pseudo KJV English? Yea verily. I feel like posting, I am not responsible for your lack of planning" as the quote under my e-mail signature.
We have a sign, "answers found here." Usually some smart alec will come up and say "So--Answers are found here?" My standard reply is "Usually it is No."
I guess I'm having a blue day because not only am I not the center of the library, I'm not even the center of any universe!
The problem is, I haven't had my daily fix.

Has anyone started this meme: Name the first book you ever bought with your own money and your age. Mine was this and I think I was around 14. Contrary to rumors, it was not a new publication.

Well, I would have continued this pity party but too many grateful supplicants came by needing help. Although they don't leave offerings of chocolate, one can hope.

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