Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winter Break

Whether we admit it or not, we all follow seasons and patterns. The more we are aware of these the better we can prepare for those which will reoccur and--perhaps--make the next time a bit better. With that in mind (and a little more free time on ourhands) my marketing colleague and I chose more "prizes" for our publicity campaigns, especially since we will be building a new library. Now I know, other areas of our college will be starting to prepare, but we want some little ideas. We've tentatively chosen a theme-- 30 spaces or less--build a place@ your library. Although, we went to here for prizes, I also saw a great idea at Marketing Treasures newsletter. We are too small and too limited to afford the limit required for creating an engraving on a prize. But attaching a small card with our name to key chains and can also create awareness.

A new month is coming. Ok, not that new, but since Deaf Awareness Month occurs in the middle of two months, you may wish to plan for a display of materials or a short program.

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