Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Of Seas, Rivers, and Channels

Topics on The ACL discussion list range from the sublime to the ridiculous in a matter of hours. One more serious discussion pointed to this site from a recent teleconference, "Always a River, Sometimes a Library." The presenter, Rick Anderson, asks some tough questions--but not really new questions, just in a different metaphor of the Mississippi. But his material--most of it online--with accompanying purchases for DVD of the presentations-- does rephrase issues in new ways.

In his overview, he identifies ways to work better with patrons
"Three words: online, online, online
Put inertia on your side
Embrace risk; celebrate failure
More fish; fewer peas
Celebrate efficiency
Focus on speed-to-stacks"

I'm not sure how fish and peas connect, but I'll have to investigate more.
Check out the page and the possible conferences. This isn't the only library teleconference, but it is one where you can find material without an login and password.

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