Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Library Lover's Month

As much as I love marketing and publicizing the library, I tend to find it pushed aside. I have mentioned this month before, but I like having a whole month in which to put out the word rather than trying to meet a day or a week. We're doing our thank you's to those faculty who patronize us as we did last year. It's just a little postcard with a piece of candy attached. The problem is that we have to find flat candy and I have not had time to go in search of the candy this year.
Meanwhile, one of my colleagues has put out a paper for people to write down why they love the library. I'm not sure what prizes we'll give out. This event is definitely a work in progress.

So far I've discovered --again-- that marketing works best as a team effort because the work can be divided, and that it has to be kept on the calendar or the season is over and the harvest isn't begun.

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