Monday, December 05, 2005

More Advent
Although these are secular, Leslie Harpold's and Tibi and Been's Calendars are fun. via Metafilter and Feeeds

New Religion Journal

A member of one of the ACL discussion list has posted a notice for this new online journal, Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet. This first issue of this peer reviewed journal has intriguing titles to articles(all free): "Methods and Theory for Studying Religion on the Internet," "Online Religion as Lived Religion," "Discovering the Invisible Internet: Methodological Approaches of Searching Religion on the Internet," and several more.
I hope the future issues live up to this promising start.

Finally, I will be on vacation starting Saturday and won't post much while away. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Ho Ho Ho!Happy New Year! I have to go do my real job and assist some students.

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