Monday, November 07, 2005

Ok. So she spelled out Greek words as if that were the only way they could be spelled.
Ok. So she wasn't interested in searching for a broader topic which just might have a chapter or at least a couple of pages on the topic.
Ok. So she didn't like the way I put terms in (I was taking too long)and wanted to try herself and then couldn't find any records--at least I did.
Ok. So she said that she had looked at all the resources we had in the library but couldn't supply a list.
Ok. So she had gone by the time I returned from looking for some background information. I didn't tell her I was doing it.
Did that stop me from looking further? NO! I am a librarian, and this is my addiction/compulsion.
Why is it that I can successfully help 9 people and yet obsess about the one I couldn't?

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