Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Harry Potter again.

If you're looking for both positive and negative articles about the Harry Potter phenomenon, here is one cautionary article.
Crosswalk.com - Harry Potter: Politically-Correct Paganism?
"You may be saying, "But this is a struggle of good vs. evil, so what do you expect?" You're right. It's "good" wizards and sorcerers battling "bad" wizards and sorcerers and in the end who wins--wizards and sorcerers!"
As librarians, we need to provide both sides of an issue for our students, and I don't see anyone else doing that with Harry Potter. (And I've read all volumes.) I don't see the series as a "euchatastrophe" as LOTR or Narnia has been described (sorry, it's been too long ago since I read those criticisms!).
For more articles, check out her website.

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