Friday, June 24, 2005

Evangelicals Surveyed and a bibliography
The lead story in the Gallup Poll for today is Who are the Evangelicals
The Gallup Organization
I linked to the site because Research Buzz was discussing the RSS Feeds Gallup is offering. Now this was over a week ago, but I use my e-mail to read this review site and not my RSS.
The article excellently describes the problems with defining what makes one an evangelical and it reminds me of a brief e-mail discussion I had with a colleague about whether the verb conflate (to mix together) or confuse (to mix up) was correct when comparing people's views of evangelicals and fundamentalists. I contended that "conflate" was more deliberate action and therefore had more nasty overtones than "confuse" which could arise from either ignorance or willful ignorance. What do you think?

Incidentally, has anyone subscribed to Gallup Brain?
Christian Higher Education Bibliography
CCCU : Resource Center | Christian Higher Education Bibliography (2005)

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Robert Lindsey said...

I think some are just confused, while for many others it is easier to conflate since we are all wrong-headed anyway.