Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We won! We won!

We sent an entry into the Rochester Regional Library Council Library of the Month contest and won a prize for offering outstanding library service.

We sent in two entries--a poem, and a short paragraph. The challenge was getting them to 100 words. I didn't write the original essay or poem but helped edit them.

(Long format)

At Sprague Library our staff makes using the library sweet. We start by smiling & greeting our students. At our Reference desk, we often keep a full candy dish as a conversation starter. This Easter, we offered a modified Easter Egg hunt for the students. Everyone was eager to find the eggs and get a prize. In return, we requested they complete a short patron survey. We have started a “welcome back” celebration each Fall to focus on one aspect of library services. We actively invite and listen to the students’ ideas for continued improvements in our library services and website. (101 words)

(Short Poem)

Here at Roberts our students discover that
Using Sprague Library is “Sweet.”
We love to wave and smile
At each student we meet.

Each month brings to All
A little PR Fun
Contests, surveys, and prizes
Who won??

Now, meeting students’ research needs
That’s no small feat!
So, “Come chat and have a treat!”
At the Reference Seat.

Always asking and listening
To our students’ requests
For improving our service
—and website—
Has become our quest.

We work hard to please
Our service is never done
Come look for a book or study
Let’s have some fun!
(97 words)

Even so, we missed the chocolate hearts we gave out to Faculty during February.
Oh Joy! We won!

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