Friday, February 18, 2005

Things I haven't found time or reason to include
And these still work!

Well, these may be of value of not, but I'm cleaning my online closet, so to speak. I'll be busy the next week participating in an online seminar on assessment.

Websites I wish I had known about -- Grey literature links

50 cups of coffee -- no idea whatsoever except the title describes my mornings sometimes!

If you would like to see other links, you are welcome to go to my Delicious site or to my


Frank Quinn said...

Hi, I subscribe to your blog via and enjoy it very much. Just wanted to let you know--the first two links in this post don't work. There are extra "http//"s in the URLs. Kinda curious about the "Grey Lit" link!



Linda Jones said...

Thanks! It's been corrected