Friday, January 21, 2005

More Blogs, please

If you are looking for more blogs about libraries, check out Suzan Herzog's BlogBib [via LibrarianinBlack]. It not only has a select list of blogs but also articles, tools, books, studies. I wish I could add this to The Christian Librarian article I wrote last summer. Unfortunately, she forgot moi, but my blog's focus is decidedly non-mainstream for most librarians. Also noticed that none of the conservative librarian blogs are posted either. I also happen to know how small my reading list is. Thanks, guys for keeping me on your radar!


Lindsay Van Sicklen said...

Linda, I most certainly am "on your radar". I so appreciate your blog. Passed on your recommendation re: Congressional Districts in the 2000s: A Portrait of America.

Linda Jones said...

Thanks, Lindsay. Hope you are having a great year!