Friday, January 14, 2005

Martin Luther King

"Of course you know," the lady on the phone said after asking for our hours, "Martin Luther King was influenced by Hegel."

"Oh really," I answered as this was something I'd never heard before."
"Oh yes," She continued, " and whenever we look at a college we always look at the philosophy department and what they teach because that tells us what the college is like."

A week has passed since that conversation which is not quite verbatim-- and I haven't had time to check out the accuracy of her statement about Hegel's connection to Martin Luther King. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

What I have found is the multivolume project on the Papers of Martin Luther King of which we only hold one volume, something I definitely plan to remedy. The Stanford pages are a good place to start any primary research on King. Beside the "I Have a Dream Speech", do you get any requests for any other MLK writings? (I'm not including a link to the speech because the siteI found did not have copyright permission. I would recommend you purchase an audiotape.)

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