Friday, January 28, 2005

A little laughter, a little thought and then some...

So many great links have been coming across my monitor that I am having a tough time knowing just how to post them in a way corresponding to this blog's purpose. However, it's Friday and it's bone-cracking cold long-john weather here. A little library humor seems in order [via library link of the day].

If you move the URL in the previous link back to the home page, you'll find even more humor pages such as this.

Check out Education Next's current issue on Character Education and the article, " The Moral Imperative" by James Traub. [via Internet Scout] His comments about the way tolerance is used for moral lessons is on target. (It's in the paragraph right before the section American Character.) Could your students handle a Brother's Keeper Code? Could you? There is a small section on the background of Character Education at the end of the article.

Next month is Library Lover's month. How are you are using it to promote the use of your library or thank those who use your libraries, particularly faculty and staff.

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