Thursday, December 09, 2004

More News

Apparently the Denver parade went as planned, although there were enough complaints that apparently the policy of not including Christian groups in a Christmas parade is being reviewed. [via Crosswalk]

I've also been playing around with Religion Explorer, favorably reviewed in the December Choice cards and rightly so. I decided to search for the news article about the manger scene in the UK which features President Bush as a wiseman and David Beckham as Joseph and his wife, Victoria ( a former Spice Girl) as Mary and has apparently infuriated some. I retrieved more articles today than yesterday when I first found it mentioned in J-WalkBlog I just wish religion explorer included a "clear" button next to the search button.
I thought the display tasteless but not really offensive, unless one really thinks about the nature and descriptions of Angels in the Bible . Kylie Minogue just doesn't match. Now those are beings I wouldn't want to mess with!

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Daniel said...

Not knowing many of the personalities involved, I don't know I even find the exhibit tasteless. I think showing President Bush as one of the three wise men is refreshing, since so many people usually portray him as an idiot.

I also chuckle at the idea of the power of this exhibit to anger everyone. The Church of England doesn't like it, but the ACLU would sue to keep it off public property if it were brought to America!