Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Advent Links

As I said yesterday, I'm not really in the mood for Christmas yet, but maybe you are. The staff here are starting to decorate a little with gingerbread men, snowflakes, a few lights. We have a manger scene with a few books around it featuring the birth of Christ. and I plan to bring in some garland for a snowflake contest. If I can get some pictures later I will. And it almost snowed today.
So here are a few links to help start counting the days.

The season of Advent has lots of related links.

the history of the Advent Calendar is linked to an Advent Calendar museum

Holidays on the Net is unfortunately filled with commercials.

Online Interactive World Calendar has lots of trivia about Christmas season Today's question asks "What kind of trees are decorated in India for Christmas? Answer

Here's the calendar from Belief net. which I liked because of its multimedia aspect.
And this site also has lots of links to stories and music not in the calendar.

Advent calendar activities for kids if you don't mind the annoying ads.

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