Sunday, October 03, 2004

O temp temp tempe

Just what is a "too old" Bible Commentary? I had a rough time convincing students who weren't even twinkles in someone's eye in the 1960's that the Anchor Bible Commentary was not too old. The conversations went something like this
--But it says 1964 on the call number.
--Trust me, it's not too old.
--But my teacher says he doesn't want old commentaries.
--It's not too old. It's one of the best in exegetical work and besides
he means works written in the 19th century like the Preachers Homiletic Commentary.
--Yeah, I thought that was pretty old when I saw the funny print.

Anyway I felt vindicated today when a student brought in the list of recommended resources for the assignment and the Anchor Bible was on the list--natch.

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Anonymous said...

I guess Matthew Henry is too old then.