Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Library Blogging

The University of Minnesota blog directory with statistics demonstrates how blogging can function in an academic setting. Since this site just started in the past few months, it's too early to evaluate the full impact. I'm looking forward to checking back every so often to see who is posting and how the statistics change. Notice that one of the libraries has the most entries! But where are the others? A search for "libraries" revealed a host of comments about the experiment. I especially liked this one as the author gives the best reason for a library's involvement in blogging:

Libraries can certainly offer blogs an air of legitimacy given
people's already stuffy impression of the role of the academic library on
campus. However, when you think about it, blogs are just another example of the
breadth of human knowledge and thought in electronic form. There are blogs for
every topic under the sun and more are being created every day. Why isn't it
the job of the libraries to also collect this material

What about your library? Are you hosting any blogs? Promoting certain types of blogs? How do they fit into the electronic links?

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Peg Morse said...

Just found your blog-- I am the head librarian at StoneBridge School, a Christian school in Chesapeake, Va.We are the demonstration school for the Principle Approach methodology, Noah plan curriculum, Foundation for American Christian Education.

Love your "In Season" tag.

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