Friday, August 20, 2004

Hurricane Charley and Southwest Florida Libraries - update

The Southwest Florida Library Library Network has set up a Library Disaster Fund to receive donations from around the State of Florida. I know that libraries from other states may be wondering how they can help. This page also gives updates on libraries affected by the Hurricane. In west, central Florida - just north of the storm's path - we were preparing for the worst but the storm passed most of us by. Those of us along the central west coast are counting our blessings, but our deliverance meant someone else was in the path of the storm. There's been an outpouring of supplies and money for our neighbors just a couple of hours south of us.

Keep the hurricane victims in your prayers. It's hot. We're still in the rainy season. Hurricane season doesn't end until late November.

There have been wonderful testimonies of faith in the news this past week as residents remind us to rejoice even in the midst of suffering.

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Linda Jones said...

Thanks, Karen. I was wondering how you were doing. And thanks for the link.