Monday, July 19, 2004

The Wow Factor
As some of you may have guessed, I had a colonoscopy last week.  While this was routine and everything was normal, I was impressed by three other things which happened.  First, the staff immediately gave every patient a postage paid evaluation (one page) to send in later.  Then they also gave every patient a carnation with a "thank you for choosing [name of hospital] on it.  Finally, the computer technology in medicine allows for almost immediate feedback of pictures no less, and I was provided with a copy for my personal files.
 All of these were on top of excellent and professional service and  were what marketing calls "wow" factors.  I began to see that while a wow factor may not be truly appreciated at the time of service and takes extra work and money, it does become appreciated later.  What are your wow factors?


Norma said...

I had a WOW experience my first time--one I complained about in a letter to the clinic. 1) staff was eating within eyesight of the clients, 2) I was sharing the rest room (also the dressing room) with a seriously ill patient, 3) watching a tech clean up the area from the previous patient with some very dirty water, and 4) someone stopped in the room during my exam to talk to the doctor. Yuk. Of course, the response was that the clinic met all the "standards."

Staff eating in patient areas seems to be a problem at every medical facility I've visited. I'm sure it violates a code. If not, it's just rude, considering we often have been told not to eat after midnight.

Anonymous said...

Not quite the WOW I had in mind. That would certainly be upsetting.