Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday Fun

Have been noodling around sites this week And in deference to Post-fireworks withdrawal sydrome, here are a couple of places with nods--sort of--to those who saw them first.
First, I discovered I could be a White House Staffer--Yipes.
I think I'd better retake 20 Questions to a Better Personality [via Mamamusings] If the link doesn't open the quiz, go to the sidebar and choose quizzes and look for better personality. Now if the quiz had said I could be President---well--nuff said.

To make matters worse, The Etymological quiz showed me just how little I really knew about the origin of words. [Etymology of trying to find the first time seen: Thought it was at LibrarianinBlack--nope. Nor was it at TangonaT, although she had the first mention I saw of Here's mine] Note to self--take better notes. Fat chance that! Anyway I'm sorry I can't find the original post, but thanks to everyone else who also pointed out this site.

Enjoy your Friday and try not to think about colonoscopies!

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