Thursday, March 25, 2004

Post Passion films

The Jesus Film the result of the Jesus Film Project relates the story of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. Even better it can be viewed online and in over 848 languages. (No! not at once!) The quarterly statistics are impressive, such as over 66,023 people have viewed the film online since January 1. The related sites link pulled up links such as the Story of Jesus for Children and lookee, lookee-- MAPS!!! Be still my heart! (found via Crosswalk.)

Holy Weblog for March 23 has posted a link to a Monty Python film, Brian--a satire on Bible films and very irreverent, but what satire isn't?

If that isn't your cuppa try the Peeps research first published last year and brought to my attention again via Catalogablog.

And in case you forget a little commentary from Brueghel's commentary on how we view the cross.

Another ad came from Crosswalk about the video The Gospel of Luke. Unfortunately, no online viewing, but it had a page for print resources which could be a good start for an Easter bibliography

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